Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group:
Bunclub Lent 2005

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Notes Venue
7th January Dave Alexander None Social 15:30pm - Hoyle
14th January Giovanni Miniutti Nina Hatch Exciting Filaments 15:30pm - Hoyle
21st January Jeremy Sanders None Social 15:30pm - Hoyle
28th January David Rapetti None Social 15:30pm - Hoyle
4th February James Graham Andy Fabian Absorption in the Intergalactic Medium 15:30pm - Hoyle
11th Febuary Mary Erlund Giovanni Miniutti X-ray reflection from the inner accretion disc in 1H 0419-577 15:30pm - Hoyle
18th Febuary Jess Bromley Robert Dunn NGC1275 Spinning Top or Garden Sprinkler? 15:30pm - Hoyle
25th Febuary Jamie Crummy Nina and Matt Observing Trip: ner ner we went 15:30pm - Obs
4th March Nina Hatch Glenn Morris Some recent astro-ph preprints 15:30pm - Hoyle
11th March Andy Fabian Social - 15:30pm - Hoyle
18th March Robert Dunn Jeremy Sanders Hatching a plot 15:30pm - Obs
25th March None None - 15:30pm Easter Obs
1st April Glenn Morris None Social 15:30pm - Hoyle
8th April Matt Worsely None Social 15:30pm NAM Hoyle

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