Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group:
Bunclub Easter 2005

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Notes Venue
15th April Giovanni Miniutti Julia Lee X-Ray Scattering from ISM Dust Grains 15:30 - Obs
22rd April Kazushi Iwasawa Dave Alexander Rapid Black-Hole Growth in Massive Star-Forming Galaxies 15:30 - Hoyle
29th April Jeremy Sanders Jamie Crummy An explanation for the quasar soft excess 15:30 - Hoyle
6th May Gabriele Ponti None Social 15:30 - Obs
13th May Jess Bromley Kazushi Iwasawa Seyfert 2 nuclei in infrared galaxies 15:30 - Hoyle
20th May Mary Erlund None Social 15:30 - Hoyle
27th May Nina Hatch Roderick Johnstone NX: a new way to log in from out there 15:30 - Hoyle
3rd June James Graham Andy Fabian A Trip from Xeus to China 15:30 - Obs
10th June Roderick Johnstone Mary Erlund Extended Inverse Compton Emission From Distant Powerful Radio Galaxies 15:30 - Hoyle
17th June Jamie Crummy Matthew Worsley The missing X-ray background: maybe we've found the rest... 15:30 - Hoyle

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