Sounds of the Universe

source for all audio files used in Carolin Crawford's Sounds of the Universe talk.

Earth's dawn chorus
Earth whistlers
Earth aurorae
'wailing' Leonid meteors
The sound of particles impacting on the Cassini probe's antenna as it travels through Saturn's rings
Are all available at a European Space Agency site.

Hear some slightly different whistlers, sferics and tweeks from a NASA online guide at

A wealth of Solar System noises from space including:
Earth whistlers, dawn chorus and auroral radiation
Jovian whistlers, chorus, and other signals
and Saturn's lightning, aurorae and other signals
Author: Don Gurnett, University of Iowa

The sound of cometary debris impacting on the protective shield of the Stardust spacecraft during its flypast of Comet Tempel 1.
From: NASA

The descent of the Huygens probe through the atmosphere of Titan
Both wind noise and radar echoes (the latter converted to sound)
Author: European Space Agency

The hum of the Sun
Author: Alexander Kosovichev, Stanford University

The heartbeat of the giant star Xi Hya
Author: Aerts et al, c/o The European Southern Observatory

The sound of various other stars
From: The Kepler mission.

All the Pulsar signals
From: Andrew Lyne, Jodrell Bank Observatory

Sound of the Big Bang
Author: Mark Whittle, University of Virginia