Contour binning

This page provides support for the contour binning algorithm, which is published in Sanders (2006; MNRAS, preprint colour B&W, final version). It is an algorithm for binning X-ray data using contours on an adaptively smoothed map. The generated bins closely follow the surface brightness, and are ideal where the surface brightness distribution is not smooth, or the spectral properties are expected to follow surface brightness. Colour maps can be used instead of surface brightness maps.

Release 1.4

Lars Baehren has kindly provided a cmake build file to help build contbin. To use it, download the file into the extracted contbin directory and do the following:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..


Contact Jeremy Sanders for support of this software.


Perseus cluster temperature map Perseus cluster magnetic field map

Perseus cluster temperature and magnetic field maps, see Fabian et al (2006) and Sanders et al (2005)

Centaurus cluster temperature and abundance maps

Centaurus cluster temperature and abundances, see Fabian et al (2005)

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