Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group
Bunclub Summer 2003

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Venue
20th June Roderick Johnstone - Social bunclub 3:30pm HOYLE
27th June Adrian Turner Jon Miller Chandra and XMM-Newton observations of GX 339-4: relativistic Fe K lines and evidence for a warm absorber? 3:30pm HOYLE
4th July Weimin Yuan Roderick Johnstone How to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut: driving a Ferrari? 3:30pm OBS
11th July Steve Allen Adrian Turner Absorption features in the soft X-ray spectrum of MCG--6-30-15 3:30pm HOYLE
18th July - - Cancelled - IoA BBQ - -
25th July Jeremy Sanders Mikhail Medvedev Magnetic fields and conduction in galaxy clusters 3.30pm HOYLE
1st August Peter Jonker Dave Alexander A brief review of the Guillermo Haro workshop on AGN surveys 3.30pm OBS
Tuesday 5th August Francesca Panessa Massimo Cappi (IASF-CNR, Sezione di Bologne) On the X-ray spectral variability of MCG--6-30-15 2.45pm HOYLE
8th August - - Cancelled - -
15th August Kazushi Iwasawa - Social bunclub 3.30pm HOYLE
22nd August - - Cancelled - -
29th August Dave Alexander - Social bunclub 3.30pm HOYLE
5th September Andy Fabian Jeremy Sanders Structure in the Perseus Cluster 3.30pmHOYLE
12th September - - Cancelled - PPARC summer school - -
19th September Matt Worsley Kazushi Iwasawa X-rays from galactic winds 3.30pm HOYLE
26th September Glenn Morris Weimin Yuan Seeing the Cosmic Microwave Background in X-rays? 3.30pm HOYLE

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