Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group:
Bunclub Michaelmas 2008

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Notes Venue
19/09/2008 Alex Blustin Helen Russell Atmospheric Optics 15:30pm - Hoyle
26/09/2008 Rubens Reis Ranjan Vasudevan - 15:30pm - Hoyle
03/10/2008 Ranjan Vasudevan Alex Blustin A Seyfert in quietude and reflection? 15:30pm - Hoyle
10/10/2008 Sandra Raimundo Paper Discussion - 15:30pm - Hoyle
17/10/2008 Helen Russell Social BunClub 15:30pm - Hoyle
24/10/2008 Andy Fabian Maria Caballero-Garcia XMM-Newton spectroscopy of the BHC LMC X-3 15:30pm - Hoyle
31/10/2008 Jeremy Sanders Jeremy Sanders - 15:30pm - Hoyle
07/11/2008 Roderick Johnstone Andy Fabian HDF130 15:30pm - Hoyle
14/11/2008 Maria Caballero-Garcia Rubens Reis Stellar mass BH: Where is the disk in the LHS? 15:30pm - Hoyle
21/11/2008 Rubens Reis Abdu Zoghbi Reflection and the Fe L-shell line 15:30pm - Hoyle
28/11/2008 Abdu Zoghbi Social BunClub 15:30pm - Hoyle
05/12/2008 Alex Blustin Sandra Raimundo Black Hole mass function 15:30pm - Hoyle
05/12/2008 Sandra Raimundo Social BunClub + Computer issues 15:30pm - Hoyle

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