Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group:
Bunclub Michaelmas 2007

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Notes Venue
05/10/2007 Josefin Larsson Gary Ferland The origin of molecular hydrogen emission from optical filaments in cooling flows 15:30pm - Hoyle
12/10/2007 Mary Erlund James Graham Detecting Ripples in Clusters 15:30pm - Obs
19/10/2007 Ryan Porter Roderick Johnstone The IGM of M87 and SDSS J1004+4112 15:30pm - Hoyle
26/10/2007 Roderick Johnstone Josefin Larsson Red Sea Reef Life 15:30pm - Hoyle
02/11/2007 Jeremy Sanders Mary Erlund 6C 0905+39: The Core 15:30pm - Hoyle
09/11/2007 Helen Russell Paper discussion 15:30pm - Obs
16/11/2007 Sackler Lecture 15:30pm - Hoyle
23/11/2007 Gary Ferland Ryan Porter On the Soft X-ray Emission in NGC 4151 15:30pm - Hoyle
30/11/2007 Giovanni Miniutti Helen Russell Cooling Rates and Star Formation in Galaxy Cluster Cores 15:30pm - Hoyle
07/12/2007 Ranjan Vasudevan Jeremy Sanders New Observation of Abell 2204 15:30pm - Hoyle
14/12/2007 James Graham Ranjan Vasudevan - 15:30pm - Hoyle

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