Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group
Bunclub Michaelmas 2003

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Venue
3rd October Giovanni Miniutti Adrian Turner Variability in the warm absorber of MCG--6-30-15 3:30pm HOYLE
10th October Jess Bromley Steve Allen Neutrinos and cosmology 4pm HOYLE
17th October Roderick Johnstone Julien Malzac Disc/jet coupling through a common energy reservoir in the black hole XTE J1118+480 3:30pm HOYLE
24th October Adrian Turner Peter Jonker Radio and x-ray observations during the outburst decay of the black hole candidate XTE J1908+094 3:30pm HOYLE
31st October Weimin Yuan Lisa Voigt The cooling flow problem in galaxy clusters 3:30pm OBS
7th November Franz Bauer Andy Fabian ASTRO-E2 3.30pm HOYLE
14th November - - Cancelled - -
21st November Steve Allen Giovanni Miniutti The relativistic Fe line in the BH candidate XTE J1650-500 3.30pm HOYLE
28th November - - Cancelled - -
Thursday 4th December - Matt Worsley Obscured AGN and type II QSOs in Chandra cluster fields 2pm HOYLE
5th December Lisa Voigt Dave Alexander The promise of SIRTF 3.30pm HOYLE

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