Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group
Bunclub Michaelmas 2001

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Venue
5th October Davide Lazzati Jon Miller
Cygnus X-1: A New Twist on a Familiar Black Hole 4.00pm RGO Common Room
12th October -- -- Cancelled - RAS Meeting London -- --
19th October Clemens Bayer-Kim Robert Schmidt Surprise! 4.00pm RGO Common Room
26th October Enrico Ramirez Ruiz Davide Lazzati Determining the location of Gamma-Ray Bursts through the evolution of their soft X-ray absorption 4.00pm RGO Common Room
2nd November Weimin Yuan Andy Fabian The missing soft X-ray luminosity in cooling flows 4.00pm RGO Common Room
9th November Andy Fabian Noam Soker
(Univ. of Virginia)
X-Ray in Planetary Nebulae 4.00pm RGO Common Room
16th November Robert Schmidt Poshak Gandhi The Hard XRB Serendipitous Source Population In Chandra Cluster Fields 4.00pm RGO Common Room
23rd November David Ballantyne None Social Bunclub 4.00pm RGO Common Room
30th November -- -- Cancelled due to ESTEC Meeting! -- --
7th December Poshak Gandhi None Social Bunclub 4.15pm(!) Obs Meeting Room
14th December Simon Vaughan David Alexander (Penn State University) Exotic sources detected in the 1Ms Chandra Deep Field North Survey 4.00pm Obs Meeting Room

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