Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group
Bunclub Michaelmas 2000

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Venue
6th October David Ballantyne Andy Fabian XMM Spectra of Cooling Flows 4.00pm Hoyle Committee Room
13th October Roderick Johnstone Stefano Ettori The BOOMERANG Results & the Gas Fraction in Clusters of Galaxies 4.00pm RGO Common Room
20th October Jeremy Sanders Juri Poutanen (Stockholm Obs.) X-ray Spectra from Accretion Discs with Dynamic Coronae 4.00pm Hoyle Committee Room
27th October Raquel Morales David Ballantyne Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies and Ionized Accretion Disks (abridged version) 4.00pm Hoyle Committee Room
3rd November Stefano Ettori Richard Wilman Exciting H2 in Cooling Flows! 4.00pm RGO Common Room
10th November Richard Wilman Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz Diagnostics of Jet-Induced Explosions of Core Collapse Supernovae 4.00pm Hoyle Committee Room
17th November Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz Pierre-Olivier Petrucci (Milan) Testing thermal Comptonization models using BeppoSAX observations of Seyfert 1 galaxies 4.00pm RGO Common Room
24th November Poshak Gandhi Raquel Morales MCG-6-30-15 Warm Absorber : Science or fiction?! 4.00pm Hoyle Committee Room
1st December David Ballantyne HEAD participants HEAD Review 4.00pm Hoyle Committee Room
8th December Andy Fabian Sergei Nayakshin Fe K-alpha line emission by ``standard'' accretion disks: Do we understand it well? 4.00pm Hoyle Committee Room
15th December Steve Allen Davide Lazzati TBA 4.00pm Hoyle Committee Room

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