Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group
Bunclub Lent 2004

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Venue
9th January Robert Dunn - Social Bunclub 3.30pm OBS
16th January Jamie Crummy Franz Bauer A brief review of the Cozumel Multi-wavelength AGN Surveys Conference 3.30pm Hoyle
23rd January Jeremy Sanders Julian Krolik Where are Warm Absorbers? 3.30pm OBS
30th January Nina Hatch Glenn Morris A2597 at 100:1 compression 3.30pm Hoyle
6th February Kazushi Iwasawa Matt Worsley Blazars Behaving Badly: PMN J0525-3343 and GB B1428+4217 3.30pm Hoyle
13th February Matt Worsley - Social Bunclub 3.30pm Hoyle
20th February Carolin Crawford Kazushi Iwasawa Rapid variability of the broad iron emission in AGN 3.30pm Hoyle
27th February Dave Alexander Roderick Johnstone Computing Update 3.30pm OBS
5th March Glenn Morris Andy Fabian 1H0707 3.30pm Hoyle
12th March Giovanni Miniutti Adrian Turner Optical Variability of IRAS 13329-3402 3.30pm Hoyle
19th March Roderick Johnstone Weimin Yuan A Search for highly variable X-ray sources with XMM 3.30pm OBS
26th March Jess Bromley Nina Hatch Molecular Hydrogen in the outer filaments surrounding NGC1275 3.30pm OBS
2nd April - - Cancelled - NAM (Milton Keynes) - -
9th April - - Cancelled - Good Friday - -

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