Cambridge X-Ray Astronomy Group:
Bunclub Easter 2006

Date Bunbringer Speaker Title Time Notes Venue
21st April Ranjan Vasudevan Social - 15:30 - Hoyle
28th April Poshak Gandhi Ranjan Vasudevan Summary of the spring school in Cargese 15:30 - Hoyle
5th May James Graham Roderick Johnstone Spitzer; H2 molecules and Intracluster gas 15:30 - Obs
12th May Elena Belsole Jeremy Sanders Isothermal shocks in Abell 2199 and 2A 0335+096? 15:30 - Hoyle
19th May Robert Dunn Andy Fabian The history of nuclear black holes in galaxies 15:30 - Hoyle
26th May Andy Fabian Robert Dunn Relating Accretion Rate and Jet Power in Elliptical Galaxies 15:30 - Obs
2nd June Roderick Johnstone Jamie Crummy Type I AGN and Suzaku 15:30 - Hoyle
9th June Mary Erlund Josefin Larsson The spectral variability of MCG - 6-30-15 15:30 - Hoyle
16th June Josefin Larsson Ranjan Vasudevan Bolometric corrections for AGN 15:30 - Hoyle

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